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Scenes include Gloucester/Cape Ann, Massachusetts fishermen, their Gloucester fishing boats and activities, seascapes and scenes from the N. Atlantic coastline as well as of tall ships and schooners.  His landscapes are from all over the world mostly in the style of the Hudson valley. His nudes and figuratives are a combination of live models and composites. Still lifes are carefully set up in his studio. Available for sale are these original oils, watercolors and prints by this internationally known artist Cusumano or sometimes Fillipo a.k.a. Captain Phil Cusumano.


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Race Day

oil on canvas panel 12X16





Paint Factory circa 2008                           The Hand-off                       Late Night Mending

oil on canvas image 18X24              oil on canvas panel  22X28         oil on canvas panel  16X20




Bass Rocks                                             Whales Tail II                           Ocean & Sky

oil on canvas   image 12X16              oil on canvas image 22X28         oil on canvas panel 12X16





The Back Shore                                 A Tail of Two Tails                      Changing Wire

oil on canvas image 21X31                 oil on canvas image 22X28             oil on canvas image 22X28




Hauling in the Nets                          Guiding the Wire                            Mending  

oil on canvas panel 18X24               oil on Canvas Panel 16X20              oil on canvas panel  18X22




A&M Trading                               Dory                                            A&M Trading Building

oil on canvas panel  18X24            oil on canvas panel 16X20             oil on canvas panel 12X16




   Padre Pio Setting Out                  Reflection of a Dory                     Dressing Cod

    oil on canvas panel 16X20       oil on canvas panel 11X14            oil on canvas panel 16X20




          Crystal Sea                             Horizon                                 Waiting for the Tide

oil on canvas panel 12X16         oil on canvas panel 12X16           oil on canvas panel 11X14




  Tying the Cod End                Eastern Point Light                  Staying Ahead of the Weather

 oil on canvas panel 16X12     oil on canvas panel 12X16             oil on canvas panel 8X10








Annisquam Light                       The Coast Guard                       

oil on canvas panel 12X16          oil on canvas panel 9X12           








He is currently a Professional Artist member of the International Society of Marine Painters  (I.S.M.P.),

an artist member of the American Society of Marine Artists (A.S.M.A.) and

artist member or the Marblehead Art Association as well as a

artist plus member of the Newburyport Art Association.

He is currently a member of seARTS (Society for the Encouragement of the Arts).

You can contact Capt. Phil by phone at 978-281-3023 or snail mail at

Capt. Phil Cusumano 20 Grapevine Road, Gloucester, MA 01930.



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